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  • Jessica Nye Therapist
    Jessica Nye MS, LPCC-S

    Jessica is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor Supervisor in the state of Ohio. She is the owner of
    Calypso Counseling, LLC.
    Jessica graduated from Wright State University with a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health
    Jessica specializes in trauma and PTSD. She is certified in eye movement desensitization and
    reprocessing (EMDR) and is Level 1 trained in Internal Family Systems (IFS). She works with all types of
    trauma but is passionate about treating military and first responders. Her goal is to assist her clients in
    letting go of the negative beliefs and self-talk that are preventing them from being their best selves and
    to help them identify their individual worth.
    Jessica is a member of the American Counseling Association, The Ohio Counseling Association, and the
    EMDR International Association.
    In her free time, Jessica enjoys sailing, traveling, and spending time with her family.

  • Susanne Mackenzie
    Susanne Mackenzie, MS, LPCC-S

    Susanne is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Ohio with over 25 years of experience.
    Susanne graduated from Wright State University with a Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health
    Susanne specializes in trauma and PTSD, depression, and generalized anxiety. She provides individual
    counseling for children, teenagers and adults. She is certified in eye movement desensitization and
    reprocessing (EMDR), a clinically effective treatment approach for challenging negative thought patterns
    associated with past trauma.
    Susanne’s counseling style is warm and interactive. She believes in treating everyone with respect,
    sensitivity, and compassion, and she doesn’t believe in stigmatizing labels. Her approach combines
    cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, psychodynamic and motivational interviewing. Her goal is to help you
    recognize your personal strengths to learn a variety of coping skills while you are on your journey
    towards healing.
    In her free time, Susanne enjoys workouts at the gym, and spending time with her family. She loves
    reading, kayaking, traveling, and learning new hobbies.

  • Melissa Jones
    Melissa Jones, MRC, LPCC-S, LICDC-CS

    Melissa is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor Supervisor and a Licensed Independent Chemical
    Dependency Supervisor in the state of Ohio.
    Melissa graduated from Ohio University with a Bachelors Degree in Family Therapy and
    Wright State University with a Masters Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling. Melissa has been practicing
    for 25 years in the field of addictions and mental health counseling.
    Melissa specializes in working with teens, family, couples therapy, and adoption. Melissa is trained in
    cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) trauma informed care, and motivational interviewing.

    Melissa also offers supervision and consultation to therapists who are in training to become licensed in
    the state of Ohio.
    Melissa counseling style offers a safe space of warmth, compassion, and humor. She believes therapy is
    a time for every individual to find their path of mental wellness and to be the best versions of
    In her free time, Melissa enjoys exercising, walking her dogs, teaching at the University of Dayton, and
    spending time with her family

  • Rebecca Ingram
    Rebecca Ingram, MS,LPC

    Rebecca is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Ohio. She is a graduate of Wright State
    University with a Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.
    Rebecca believes that everyone needs a safe place to talk through events and challenges in life. Using a
    strengths-based approach, she works with her clients to identify goals and develop strategies to achieve
    those goals. Rebecca has worked full-time as a substitute teacher for 8 years and has significant
    experience working with students in second through fifth grade. She enjoys working with individuals of
    all ages, including adolescents and adults.
    Rebecca’s hobbies include reading with her book group, playing board games with her family, and
    visiting her adult children.

  • Emily Martineau
    Emily Martineau, MS, LPC

    Emily Martineau is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Ohio. She is a graduate of Wright
    State University with a Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.
    Emily works with minors and adults using evidence-based practices. She believes each individual has
    strengths that can be used to improve mental health. Emily has experience working with stress and
    trauma-related disorders, mood disorders, psychotic disorders, neurodevelopmental disorders, impulse-
    control disorders, and personality disorders.
    When not studying or working with clients, Emily enjoys spending time with her family, reading a good
    book, checking out a new restaurant, or trying a new recipe. She also loves the MetroParks in the
    Dayton area.

  • Kristie Winner
    Kristie Winner, MSW, LISW-S

    Kristie Winner is a Licensed Independent Social Worker in Ohio with over 20 years experience.  
    Kristie graduated from University of Cincinnati with a Master’s in Social Work. 
    Kristie specializes in treating both youth and adults related to a range of behavioral health disorders.  
    Kristie has a lot of experience working with those who have experienced Trauma, PTSD, Depression, and
    Anxiety disorders. The last nine years she has worked with women and teen girls specifically related to
    perinatal mood disorders and post partum depression.

    Kristie's counseling style is relaxed, genuine, and empathetic.  She believes in meeting people where
    they are in their lives and moving at a pace that feels comfortable to each person.  Kristie believes in
    helping people define their goals and develop steps to achieving these. She provides both empathetic
    listening as well as positive feedback to help each individual work towards their goals and develop
    coping strategies that will work for them.  Kristie uses a combination of CBT, Solution Focused Brief
    Therapy, and Person Centered techniques. 
    In her personal time, Kristie likes to cook, hike, run, read, garden, and travel. Family time is also very
    important to her.

  • Meagan Fromme
    Meagan Fromme, MSW, LSW

    Meagan Fromme is a Licensed Social Worker in the State of Ohio and a Social Worker Associate
    Advanced Licensed in the State of Washington.  She graduated from the University of Southern
    California with a Master of Science in Social Work.
    Meagan is a military spouse whose approach to therapy is to meet you where you are and build from
    there.  She utilizes various theoretical perspectives to support client's in achieving their goals, whether it
    is associated with a life change or long lasting symptoms.  She focuses on the importance of the mind-
    body connection, shifts in perspective, self-talk, and use of healthy coping mechanisms to support her
    With experience in treating clients with anxiety, depression, life changes, and interpersonal conflicts,
    she most commonly utilizes Person Centered Therapy in conjunction with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy,
    Motivational Interviewing, Behavioral Activation, and components of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to
    support her client's needs. 
    Work life balance is essential for everyone.  Meagan enjoys spending time with family, traveling, art, and
    exploring nature in her free time.

  • Lorri Parker
    Lorri A. Parker, MS, LPC

    Lorri is a Licensed Professional Counselor who graduated from Wright State University with a master's of
    science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Lorri spent several years in the field of accounting, but
    becoming a therapist was her dream and her true calling. Lorri uses an eclectic, evidence-based
    approach while primarily using cognitive behavioral therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy with a
    person-centered approach. Lorri believes everyone needs help, and when we ask for help we are
    vulnerable. Based on feelings of vulnerability, Lorri knows everyone deserves to be treated with respect
    and empathy, while using a non-judgmental approach in a safe environment. Lorri's experience has led
    her to work with individuals with PTSD, ADHD, depression, anxiety, social anxiety, mood disorders, and
    personality disorders. Lorri can help you build your self-esteem, provide anger management, symptom
    management, emotional regulation skills, coping skills and more. Lorri adores working with adolescents,
    12 - 18, and adults. In her free time, Lorri enjoys spending time with her beloved kitties, watching
    movies, traveling, and going to concerts.

  • Amelia Dotson, CT
    Amelia Dotson, CT

    Amelia believes that counseling can help anyone!  She is excited to meet you and assist you on your
    personal journey to greater peace, self awareness, and emotional well being.  She discovered her love of
    the therapeutic process during her Bachelors degree in Marriage and Family Studies from Brigham
    Young University- Idaho.  Amelia now is completing her Masters in Clinical Mental health from Wright
    State University. 
    Amelia is a client focused therapist who will help you through the challenges life brings, using empathy
    and collaboration. She has a creative, eclectic approach to counseling that will be tailored specifically to
    you and your needs and goals.  
    Amelia is also an artist and musician and spends her time caring for her family and exercising.

  • Amy Binkley-Dils
    Amy Binkley-Dils, MS, LPCC

    Amy is a licensed professional clinical counselor in the state of Ohio. She graduated from the University
    of Dayton with a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.
    Amy specializes in school issues, trauma, anxiety, depression, ADHD and gender identity issues. Amy has
    knowledge and skills in working with the LGBTQ community and can offer help and guidance with the
    unique challenges faced by that population. Amy is trained and certified in dialectical behavioral therapy
    (DBT). She has also had training in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and play therapy.
    Amy creates an inviting, empathetic and non-judgmental space for her clients. Her passion is to help
    others through the challenges of life without the fear of judgement. Amy helps her clients find positivity
    and inner peace while focusing on the mind, body, and sprit.
    In her free time, Amy enjoys dancing, listening to music, attending concerts, and spending time with her

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